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Pet Rehabilitation FAQs

What are the most common conditions you treat with physical rehabilitation and acupuncture?
There are many common conditions that affect pets and can benefit from physical rehabilitation and acupuncture. Some of the cases we see most often include:
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Do I need a referral from my veterinarian?
We work in conjunction with your regular or specialty veterinarian. It is important for us to have a good medical or surgical history about your pet, as each case is unique. Detailed information and collaboration with your veterinarian will assist us in determining the proper course of therapy. Pawsitive Steps is a rehab-only practice – we do not provide routine or emergency veterinary care.

What happens at the first visit?
You should expect an appointment of approximately one hour for the initial consult. During this time, Dr. Ballengee will review your pet's history, perform an appropriate examination and discuss course of therapy. If appropriate, and if time allows, an initial therapy or acupuncture session may be performed.

What do I need to bring to the first appointment?
Please bring the results of any diagnostic tests that your veterinarian has performed (radiographs, labwork, etc.), as well as your pet's medications and supplements – or an accurate current list of them. In addition, any surgical reports, discharge instructions, ultrasound or MRI reports may be helpful.

How much does physical rehabilitation cost?
Each pet and case is an individual! The cost is variable, depending on your pet's specific needs and course of therapy. An initial examination ranges from $100-165. Follow-up visits vary based on services your pet requires; they typically range from $60-120. There are discounted packages for underwater treadmill sessions.

How often does my pet need treatment?
Each pet's needs are different. At the initial consultation, Dr. Ballengee may design a treatment plan for your pet. If your pet is receiving rehab and home exercises are appropriate, doing these exercises as prescribed may reduce the frequency of clinic visits. Visits are more frequent initially, then may occur less often as your pet improves/stabilizes. In some cases, the need for visits may be lifelong. Ultimately, it will depend on the pet's medical needs and your established goals, financial constraints and commitment to care.
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Am I allowed to stay for my pet's session?
By all means! Your presence is often comforting and helpful to your pet. We are an outpatient rehabilitation clinic and do not provide boarding services.

Does physical rehabilitation really help dogs?
The techniques we employ are similar to those that are used in human physical therapy. The goals are to increase mobility and function, reduce pain, speed time or extent of recovery, or slow deterioration of aging/degenerative processes – ultimately improving your animal family member's quality of life. Most pets easily adapt to the underwater or land treadmills with a little encouragement and TLC!

Pet Acupuncture Therapy in Greensboro, NC What about acupuncture with pets?
Acupuncture is well tolerated by dogs and cats! Appointments are generally at least 30 minutes in length, and the frequency varies with individual needs. Though some owners may see a positive effect in one or two sessions, it may require three to five sessions to see the full effectiveness. Following an initial treatment period, intervals between sessions are extended to control symptoms or maintain comfort.

What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, and cash. Payment is due at the time of services are performed.

Do you accept pet health insurance?
You will need to check with your individual insurance company directly to see what is covered under your specific plan. If you have coverage, most pet health insurance companies will reimburse you directly.

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